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Kyrie Budnik, an associate advisor with The Advisory Board Company’s Performance Technologies division, serves as a dedicated advisor and business analyst for Quality Compass. In this role, Kyrie partners with health care organizations nationally to support the development and expansion of antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention programs through the Quality Compass platform, industry research, and best practices.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Kyrie worked for the Allentown Allegiance program, which was focused on childhood obesity and the recently created “Let’s Move” program. She aided in delivering valuable information to children about nutrition and exercise. In addition to working with the Allegiance program, Kyrie served as a student athletic trainer during college.

Kyrie is in the pursuit of a masters degree in management from the Catholic University of America and holds a bachelors degree in international business and management from Dickinson College.

Kyrie Budnik

Dedicated Advisor

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