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As Senior Director, Rachel (also known as “Rae”) leads research studies on provider strategy and applies the knowledge and resources available through Advisory Board research to address the top challenges at individual organizations.

Rachel has been leading or advising research studies for Advisory Board since 2015, and has overseen a wide range of publications on topics like primary care transformation, consumer strategy, medical group operations, physician engagement, and burnout prevention. Through her research Rachel provides the strategic guidance, tools, and implementation support to help executives find and implement the best solutions to the toughest challenges facing health care.

To apply lessons learned from research to individual organizations, Rachel splits her time between advising researchers and helping executive teams make sound decisions and substantive progress against their goals. Known for her energetic style and passion for teaching, Rachel is a frequent speaker and facilitator at physician retreats and leadership meetings. She is always excited to work directly with executives to educate, advise, and offer tactics for scalable implementation.

Rachel holds an MS in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University and a BS in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University.

Radio Advisory, a podcast for busy health care leaders.

Rae currently hosts Radio Advisory, a podcast for busy health care leaders.

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Areas of expertise

Population Health, Market Trends, Strategy, Health Systems, Strategy Implementation, Planning,

Rachel Woods

Senior Director

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Jun 24 2020

How physician practices are thinking about acquisition in today’s financial landscape

With margins threatened by Covid-19, many physician groups are looking at their strategic options differently, including new partnership and acquisition strategies to access capital and resources. Join us for a facilitated discussion with our experts to better understand how these decisions are unfolding for different types of physician groups, and the factors they’re evaluating in potential partners, and what that might mean for the ecosystem of provider networks system. More Register