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Vidal is a practice manager on the Global Forum for Health Care innovators—Advisory Board International's hospital strategy program. He was a lead investigator on the study Maximising Supply Chain Performance, and currently manages our international work on care integration and population health management.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Vidal was a research associate with the Stimson Center, a non-partisan think tank researching issues related to international affairs and global security. He’s co-authored three publications with the Kaiser Family Foundation on development financing for health in addition to several articles on disease surveillance and pandemic response. He holds a master's degree in international economics from American University and a bachelor's degree in international business from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Areas of expertise

Strategy, Accountable Care, Market Trends, Population Health, Strategy Implementation, Planning, Strategy Development, Business Development, Care Transformation, Performance Improvement,

Vidal Seegobin

Practice Manager

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Nov 11 2019

Disruptors 101: Non-Clinical Health Care

What we're classifying as health care services is expanding. But how do we know what should be included? Join our researchers to understand what non-clinical services are leading to better patient outcomes and how organisations are bundling those services. More Register