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Paul is a consultant with the Global Forum for Health Care Innovators research team, Advisory Board International’s chief executive strategy programme. His areas of expertise include global health policy, health network and system development, consumerism in health care, value-based care arrangements, hospital-primary care alignment, and population health management.

During his time on the team, Paul has led research studies for Australian, English, and European chief executive cohorts, and authored four research reports. Before joining, he also worked on iRound, a US-based nurse rounding technology.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board, he served as a management analyst for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health, and also conducted conservation research for the Smithsonian Institution.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical and biomolecular engineering, as well as an entrepreneurship and innovation honours certificate from the University of Maryland.

Areas of expertise

Market Trends, Strategy, Regionalization and Networks, Population Health, Care Transformation, Performance Improvement,

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