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Jared Landis is a Managing Director within the Advisory Board’s strategic research division. In that role, he leads research teams focused on post-acute care, senior care issues, and health plan dynamics. He is also a national spokesperson for Advisory Board, serving as a key presenter at a variety of member-hosted strategy sessions and industry conferences.

Jared has worked within Advisory Board's strategic research division for the past 15 years. During his tenure at the Advisory Board, he has directed dozens of research initiatives across the firm and authored numerous studies on strategic and clinical health care issues. In 2010, he helped launch and continues to lead the Post-Acute Care Collaborative, which provides original research and dedicated resources on the transition to value-based post-acute care. Jared works directly with independent post-acute providers, as well as hospital system’s that are creating post-discharge and senior care strategies. Jared’s expertise includes post-acute market trends, post-discharge care, acute/post-acute alignment strategies and senior care management.

Areas of expertise

Campaigns, Philanthropy, Market Trends, Strategy, Post-Acute Care, Service Lines, Care Management, Methodologies, Performance Improvement, Strategic Alignment, Management Tools,

Jared Landis

Managing Director

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