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Dria McCluskey is a senior director of performance technologies with The Advisory Board Company. In this role, Dria serves as relationship manager for hospital executives and staff utilizing business intelligence applications to transform process improvement, physician alignment, productivity, and supply cost management. She works with a wide range of clients, varying from large academic medical centers and health systems to small community hospitals.

Prior to joining The Advisory Board Company, Ms. McCluskey served as a registered nurse in a number of capacities. She has practiced in orthopedic and surgical divisions as both a charge nurse and staff member. Ms. McCluskey served on multiple practice councils helping to develop and approve policies, procedures, and standards of care that reflect evidence-based practice and regulatory standards. She worked closely with management to enhance health care delivery across the continuum of care with a focus around institutional quality initiatives.

Ms. McCluskey’s graduate degree is in nursing and health care administration from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, where she completed a minor concentration in the Wharton MBA health care program. Throughout her administrative practicum, Ms. McCluskey conducted extensive analysis and presented actionable strategies to improve multiple processes, including quality assurance programs, and on-boarding for novice staff to the emergency department.

Dria McCluskey,

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