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October 12, 2018

The 15 wealthiest health care executives in America, according to Forbes

Daily Briefing

    Forbes last week released its 37th annual list of the 400 wealthiest people in America, and 15 work directly in the health care industry.

    The 21 US health care billionaires, according to Forbes

    Details on the list

    For the list, Forbes reached out to more than 700 individuals under consideration. Analysts with Forbes reviewed financial documents, court records, assets, and debt, among other factors to determine an individual's wealth.

    The list saw a notable change in its makeup, with the number of women increasing from 55 last year to 57 this year. The age of the individuals on the list ranged from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, who is 28 and worth $2.2 billion, to Sumner Redstone, majority owner and chair of the board for the National Amusements theater chain, who is 95 and worth $4.8 billion.

    The top 10 of the list include some executives with interests adjacent to health care, including:

    1. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, who is worth $160 billion;

    2. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who is worth $97 billion;

    3. Warren Buffet, chair and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, who is worth $88.3 billion;

    6. Larry Page, co-founder of Google and CEO of Alphabet, who is worth $53.8 billion; and

    9. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and president of Alphabet, who is worth $52.4 billion.

    The 15 wealthiest executives who work directly in health care

    Members of the list who work directly in the health care industry include:

    37. Thomas Frist Jr., co-founder of HCA Healthcare, who is worth $11.9 billion;

    59. Carl Cook, CEO of Cook Group, who is worth $8.4 billion;

    68. Patrick Soon-Shiong, chair of NantWorks, executive director of the Wireless Health Institute, and adjunct professor of surgery at the University of California at Los Angeles, who is worth $7.3 billion;

    104. Reinhold Schmieding, founder of Arthrex, who is worth $5.9 billion;

    114. Ronda Stryker, director of Stryker, who is worth $5.6 billion;

    172. Frank VanderSloot, founder and CEO of the wellness company Melaleuca, who is worth $4.2 billion;

    215. John Brown, chair emeritus of Stryker, who is worth $3.6 billion;

    223. Judy Faulkner, founder and CEO of Epic, who is worth $3.5 billion

    251. Jon Stryker, brother of Ronda Stryker and president of the Arcus Foundation, who is worth $3.2 billion;

    271. Randal Kirk, CEO of Intrexon, who is worth $3 billion;

    316. Phillip Frost, CEO and chair of Opko, who is worth $2.6 billion;

    328. Bill Austin, founder and CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies, who is worth $2.5 billion;

    354. Osman Kibar, founder and CEO of Samumed, who is worth $2.3 billion;

    354. Stewart Rahr, founder and former owner of Kinray, who is worth $2.3 billion;

    354. Pat Stryker, sister of Ronda and Jon Stryker, who is worth $2.3 billion; and

    383. Phillip Ragon, founder of InterSystems, who is worth $2.1 billion (Rege, Becker's Hospital Review, 10/4; Dolan, Forbes, 10/3; Forbes 400 list; 10/3).

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