Independent Medical Group Governance Resource Library

    Effective governance is central to high-performing independent medical groups. In fact, physician-led governance is a competitive advantage for independent groups who can respond to market changes with more agility and physician buy-in than their hospital counterparts. As groups grow larger and face more complex challenges, however, legacy governance models can stall transformation.

    Use the toolkits, templates, and resources below to strengthen your independent group’s governance.

    Structure your governance model

    Scope roles in the decision-making process

    • Decision-Making Matrix
      Understand the board, executive team, committee, and shareholder’s role in common decisions and proactively assign roles to make decision-making more efficient.

    • Board Delegation Exercise
      Use this exercise to delegate decisions and agenda items that regularly come to board meetings to other leadership forums for deliberation.

    • Ideal Board Member Exercise
      Agree on transparent criteria that your nominating committee can use to select future board members and build physician trust in the election process.

    • Introduction to Board Service Ready-to-Use Slides
      Help new board members understand their roles and core responsibilities at independent groups.

    • Sample Shareholder Onboarding Program
      Review how The Iowa Clinic onboards new physicians around shared expectations for what it means to be a shareholder and their role in decisions.

    Ensure effective group governance

    • Board Self-Evaluations
      Use this series of short audits to help your board continually evaluate the performance of their meetings, decision-making processes, and board members themselves.

    • Meeting Agenda Templates
      Pick the right type of agenda for your next meeting to improve efficiency and ensure you meet your goals.

    • Board and Committee Ground Rules Exercise
      Generate a list of ground rules for future meetings to build trust, establish norms for collaboration, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

    • The Committee Effectiveness Toolkit
      Download this toolkit to improve the effectiveness of your committees and boost physician participation.

    • Annual Committee Proposal Retrospective
      Learn how Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg retroactively reviews key board decisions to improve the quality of committee proposals.

    Equip physicians for future board service

    Manage change across the organization

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