Cheat sheets: Your one-stop-shop for ventilator shortages

Hospitals across the country are facing a growing threat to treating Covid-19 patients: the global ventilator shortage. As a result, hospitals are thinking creatively about how to access more ventilators, and how to allocate their ventilator supply. Advisory Board has created two must-have cheat sheets for any hospital that is worried about ventilator allocation.

Strategies to expand ventilator supply

Updated April 29, 2020

In addition to sourcing ventilators from existing vendor relationships and the federal stockpile, health systems can use existing alternatives to traditional ventilators, convert other equipment to function as a ventilator, and monitor additional ongoing solutions. Not all of these strategies have FDA approval yet, so organizations should monitor federal regulatory guidance for makeshift ventilator solutions or other new options as they come to market and make decisions that align with their needs and priorities. Use this resource to find existing alternatives to traditional ventilators.

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4 steps to design and implement ventilator allocation guidelines

Whether your hospital is already facing a ventilator shortage, or is preparing for a potential shortage in the days and weeks ahead, it's essential to determine your ventilator allocation guidelines now to prevent downstream moral distress, legal issues, and inappropriate use of scarce supplies. Use this resource to help you develop and rollout your organization’s guidelines.

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