The Post-Acute Leader's HR Guide

    To make it easier for post-acute leaders to recruit, engage, and retain top talent, we’ve collected our best research from the HR Advancement Center in one place. Please note that although much of this work is written from the hospital perspective, the practices below can be applied across settings.

    Hospital systems that do not have an HR Advancement Center membership may not be able to access the links below. Please reach out to your advisor for more information.


    In today's competitive labor market, organizations must revamp their recruiting playbook in order to win talent that will be a good fit not just in the moment, but for years to come.


    Providers with high staff engagement levels also benefit from better staff retention, higher patient satisfaction scores, and a stronger culture of safety.

    For all staff:

    For new hires:


    Turnover is a common challenge across post-acute settings – one that can not only be costly to manage, but can also negatively impact patient experience and outcomes.

    Post-acute specific resources:

    For new hire turnover:

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