HR's Guide to New Hire Onboarding

    HR's Guide to New Hire Onboarding

    This toolkit equips HR to quickly and efficiently build the infrastructure for a strong onboarding program.

    With these 13 tools, HR can ensure new hires feel connected to their role, their institution's mission and values, and their coworkers—from the day they start.

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    Returning to the basics can dramatically reduce new hire turnover

    new hire turnover

    All too often, new hires leave an organization because they felt they never fit in, didn't feel a strong connection with their manager, or believed they were underperforming in their new role. A strong onboarding program can prevent each of these turnover drivers.

    Best of all, strong onboarding programs aren't necessarily time- or resource-intensive. Often the greatest challenge for HR staff in building an onboarding program is not letting the desire to build a perfect onboarding program stand in the way of building a very good one.

    In other words, it can be difficult to identify which limited number of onboarding elements are most important—and which elements can wait until staff have additional energy and resources.

    13 tools for HR to improve onboarding

    Tool #1: HR-New Hire Welcome Email Checklist

    This template provides HR leaders with a list of potential information to be included in a welcome email.

    Tool #2: Guidelines for Developing New Hire Road Map

    These are step-by-step instructions for creating an onboarding road map for new hires.

    Tool #3: Interactive Orientation Activity Pick List

    These lists contain potential orientation icebreakers and learning activities that are alternatives to a lecture format.

    Tool #4: Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Self-Guided Institution Tour

    These step-by-step instructions equip HR staff to create a self-guided tour for new hires.

    Tool #5: Executive-New Hire Group Discussion Guide

    This discussion guide prepares executives to facilitate a conversation with a group of new hires.

    Tool #6: HR-New Hire Discussion Guide for 30-Day Check-Ins

    This discussion guide equips HR leaders (or the designated new hire support coordinator) to hold meaningful 30-day check-ins with new hires.

    Tool #7: Administrative Director-New Hire Discussion Guide

    This discussion guide equips senior leaders to hold meaningful conversations with new hires.

    Tool #8: Guidance on Building a New Hire Onboarding Survey

    The steps below equip HR staff to design a new hire survey that efficiently and effectively assesses the impact of their institution's onboarding program.

    Tool #9: Assessing Available Resources for New Hire Mentorship Program

    This exercise will help HR leaders assess if their institution has sufficient time and resources to implement a new hire mentorship program.

    Tool #10: Steps for Implementing a New Hire Buddy Program

    These steps will equip HR staff to build a successful new hire buddy program.

    Tool #11: New Hire Buddy Commitment Card

    This commitment card describes the key responsibilities of the new hire buddy role.

    Tool #12: New Hire Mentor Role Description

    This tool outlines the qualifications for new hire mentors and the responsibilities associated with the role.

    Tool #13: New Hire Support Coordinator Job Description

    This tool outlines the role of the New Hire Support Coordinator, a position created to offer one-on-one support to new hires, oversee clinical onboarding and orientation, consult with managers to address turnover problems, and administer the mentor program.

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