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Covid-19 recovery phase: 11 ways health care is changing globally

    As society begins to reset and prepare for subsequent Covid-19 waves, health care leaders are left contemplating two areas for their systems. In the near-term, what changes that were made during wave one must we continue or stop doing moving forward? And longer-term, to put it simply, what does our organisation’s strategy look like?

    To help health care leaders host discussions and formulate plans as they adapt to their new normal, we analysed 11 ways Covid-19 will change the health care landscape around the world. Our research and insights are captured in this ready-to-present slide deck, along with discussion questions that system leaders will need to answer for each of the 11 areas.

    These slides are designed for C-suite members, board members, team leaders, and anyone presenting to the aforementioned groups. You can use the complete deck as is, break it apart and use any of the 11 sections separately, or insert select slides of your choice into your next presentation to your board, C-suite, or team. Each of the 11 sections ends with a ‘key questions to address’ slide—you can use these discussion question slides in tandem with their preceding analysis slides, or as standalone discussion templates for your team.

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