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Preparing for a new era of AI and analytics


    Advisory Board recently conducted a survey of strategic and analytics leaders at 250 provider organizations to learn about how those organizations are currently using and plan to use AI. The survey asked many of same questions asked in a similar survey conducted in 2018, allowing us to compare how provider organizations’ perspective has evolved. Explore our five key insights to learn more about how attitudes have shifted and where things stand for a new era of analytics and AI.

    About this survey

    In January 2022, we surveyed 251 provider organizations across the U.S to explore analytics trends in the current health care landscape. The goals of the survey included:

    1. Explore current and planned use of health care analytics
    2. Understand how and when analytics and AI applications are built, staffed, and deployed
    3. Determine what key barriers exist and how analytics and AI fit within organizational strategy and future vision

    From our aggregate data, we also segmented across a variety of cohorts, including organizations by size (by annual population served/covered) and type. The n-values of those are detailed below:

    Organization size:

    • Small organizations (0-10K+ 11-100K): 91 respondents
    • Mid-size organizations (101-250K + 251K-1M): 95 respondents
    • Large organizations (1.1-2.5M + 2.6-10M +11-25M + 26-100M): 62 respondents

    Organization type:

    • Health system (multiple hospitals): 91 respondents
    • Hospital (independent): 40 respondents
    • Academic Medical Center (AMC): 11 respondents
    • Physician Medical Group: 74 respondents
    • Community hospital: 12 respondents
    • Clinically integrated networks & integrated delivery networks: 21 respondents
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    This report is sponsored by Optum®. Advisory Board experts wrote the report, maintained final editorial approval, and conducted the underlying research independently and objectively.

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