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February 11, 2022

Weekend reads: How to make your meetings more effective

Daily Briefing

    The world's best new building, why nurses are leaving even when their job "feels like a calling," and more.

    Vivian Le's reads

    Can we unlock the mysteries of love? Is love predictable, or is it just chaos? Psychologists, relationship coaches, and matchmakers are all trying to find the answers to how love works. Writing for Vox, Brian Resnick explains how there's more to love and dating than just personal preferences and what people are trying to do to better understand love.

    The world's best new building. Every two years, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) honors buildings with excellent architectural designs. In 2021, the Friendship Hospital in Bangladesh won the RIBA International Prize for "exemplif[ying] design excellence and architectural ambition and deliver[ing] meaningful social impact." Writing for NPR's "Goats and Soda," Nell Clark describes the hospital's innovative canal system that helps it meld with the local water-laden environment, as well as other unique features that make it stand out.

    Alyssa Nystrom's reads

    How to make your meetings more effective. When the Covid-19 pandemic forced many workers into a remote environment, an onslaught of unnecessary virtual meetings and check-ins followed, often hindering employee productivity. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Kathryn Dill offers five suggestions to make your meetings more valuable—and explains how to determine which meetings are necessary and which meetings truly "could have been an email."

    Why nurses are leaving even when their job 'feels like a calling.' Since the start of the pandemic, nurses all over the country have endured exhausting shifts, staffing shortages, and trauma from the number of deaths brought by each wave of Covid-19. Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Rachel Feintzeig explains why U.S. nurses are leaving their jobs in record numbers even though nursing "feels like a calling" for many.

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