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May 18, 2021

The 6 'Top Companies' in health care, according to LinkedIn

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    LinkedIn last month released its fifth annual "Top Companies" list, spotlighting the "50 best workplaces to grow your career in the U.S." in 2021—and several health care organizations made the cut.

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    For the list, LinkedIn used its own data—pulled between Jan. 1, 2020 and Dec. 31, 2020—to rank companies on seven "pillars" associated with career progression, including:

    • Ability to advance: Tracks employee promotions within a company and if/when they move to a new company
    • Skills growth: Uses standardized LinkedIn skills to assess how employees in a given company are gaining skills while employed at that company
    • Company stability: Monitors attrition over the past year, as well as the share of employees who stay at the company for a minimum of three years
    • Company affinity: Measures connection volume on LinkedIn among employees at a company to determine how supportive the company's culture is
    • External opportunities: Assesses demand for employees at a given company by looking at recruiter outreach across employees at that company
    • Gender diversity: Tracks gender parity within a company
    • Educational background: Assesses the range of education among employees

    According to LinkedIn, companies eligible for consideration must have had at least 500 U.S. employees as of Dec. 31, 2020, and reductions in staff—including attrition and layoffs—can total no more than 10%, based on LinkedIn data or public disclosures. LinkedIn considered only parent companies on the list.

    LinkedIn excluded from consideration all staffing and recruiting firms, educational organizations, and government agencies—as well as LinkedIn itself, and its parent organization, Microsoft, as well as Microsoft subsidiaries. 

    According to CNBC, all of the companies on the list are currently hiring, with more than 300,000 roles open among all 50.

    Health care organizations that made the list

    The list breaks down organizations based on their primary industry, including five companies in the "hospital & health care" industry, "health, wellness & fitness" industry, or "medical device" industries:

    11. UnitedHealth Group (UHG)
    15. CVS Health
    23. Kaiser Permanente
    30. Johnson & Johnson
    34. HCA Healthcare
    43. Medtronic

    (Editor's note: Daily Briefing is published by Advisory Board, a division of Optum, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of UHG.)

    The list also features several companies in other industries that participate in or influence the health care industry, including:

    1. Amazon
    2. Alphabet
    3. JP Morgan Chase & Co.
    6. IBM
    8. Apple
    9. Walmart
    10. Accenture
    21. Oracle
    22. Cisco
    36. Salesforce
    50. SAP (Connley, "Make It," CNBC, 4/28; LinkedIn, Top Companies 2021, 4/28; LinkedIn, Top Companies methodology, 4/28).

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