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Disruptive therapeutics and diagnostics

    About this watchlist

    This watchlist covers 7 disruptive therapeutics and diagnostics. All included clinical innovations require clinicians, life science leaders, and payers to utilize appropriate and consistent frameworks for thinking about the evidence and data needs related to adoption and implementation. We categorize therapeutics and diagnostics in three ways:

    Additive: The products outlined are complementary to established products and contribute to better patient outcomes when added onto the patient’s care pathway. They have the potential to compete for up to 20% of market share for a specific disease state and serve as a compliment or supplement to traditional clinical products.

    Duplicative: The products outlined are poised to deliver similar outcomes to incumbents and may result in displacement if there’s substantial evidence of value, meaningful patient outcomes, and equitable reimbursement across modalities. They have the potential to compete for up to 50% of market share for a specific disease state.

    Replacement: A replacement product has the potential to compete for more than 50% of market share. These products can establish markets that did not exist before, or replace the standard of care, particularly in cases where the status quo is disease management. It is imperative that health systems, providers, and life science leaders are prepared for their adoption and uptake.

    The information in this watchlist is based on publicly available information and Advisory Board’s analysis of that information.

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