Make the business case for employee engagement

It's no secret that organizations with higher levels of employee engagement have better outcomes. Engaged staff are more invested in their work and willing to go above and beyond to help the organization succeed.

While we know this intuitively, we now have the data to back this up. Our recent survey analysis showed that higher employee engagement can help your organization:

  • Achieve better patient satisfaction scores: An organization's engagement index is correlated with both the HCAHPS overall rating and the HCAHPS willingness to recommend score.

  • Have a stronger culture of safety: "Engaged" employees are nearly four times more likely to grade patient safety as an "A" than "disengaged" employees.

  • Retain the right staff: "Disengaged" staff are two times more likely than "engaged" staff to leave the organization.

  • Improve staff performance: "Engaged" employees are 1.5 times more likely than "content" employees to receive the top review score.

We've collected our best data showing the connection between each of these outcomes and employee engagement all in one ready-to-present deck. Download these slides to show your team exactly why employee engagement is so important.

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