What you need to know about the forces reshaping our industry.

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The outlook for health care in 2023

What you need to know about the forces reshaping our industry

As we emerge from the global pandemic, health care is restructuring. Some organizations are grappling with immediate pressures that are threatening their viability, while others are finding opportunity in the chaos. Meanwhile, multiple potentially transformational forces are building momentum and could fundamentally shift how health care operates at any time.

Our team of nearly 200 experts is continuously monitoring the latest developments in health care to identify what shifts really matter – and what they mean for provider, payer, life sciences, health technology, and other stakeholder organizations. Stay current on what you need to know about the state of our industry by exploring the resources below.


The state of the industry

Get a breakdown of the top market forces shaping today’s business environment—like economic pressures, workforce shifts, vertical integration by insurance giants, and innovation investment—and six areas where the decisions made by health care leaders today will shape the trajectory of health care over the next decade.
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It's not the great resignation, it's the great realignment

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Health care: An industry under pressure

This infographic highlights what you need to know about the top forces shaping today’s business environment.

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The decisions shaping health care’s future

On this podcast, our experts discuss where they see opportunities for today’s leaders to shape the industry’s future.

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More on the forces shifting market dynamics

A workforce in flux: Human capital strategy will make or break your growth ambitions

medical students in lab coats are seated

A redistribution of the health care workforce is underway and will disrupt the stability and power of organizations. Executives in all areas of health care must prioritize creation of a work environment that will attract and retain the talent needed to execute against strategic ambitions.

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Accelerating site-of-care shifts: Volumes continue to shift away from hospitals

a patient greets a home-care clinician

Persistent payer, physician and patient pressures have been driving down inpatient volumes for decades. But new policies, innovation, and competition are accelerating the migration of care delivery to ambulatory settings, into homes, and onto digital platforms.

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Changing identities: Big strategic moves by both incumbents and new players are redefining the landscape

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Payers are vertically integrating, physicians are joining well-resourced superpractices, and retailers like Amazon and Walgreens are redefining their health care footprints. The rapidly evolving competitive landscape will radically shift how care is delivered and financed in the coming years.

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Renewed interest in value-based payment: Progress is afoot, but the endgame remains unclear

2 clinicians consult a chart

Public programs have a clear trajectory towards population-based payment, but commercial plans and providers have not coalesced around a viable model that meets employers’ experience and cost needs. Will it be most efficient to align with the public approach, or to forge a unique model?

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Health equity at a crossroads: Will equity become a business mandate?

A diverse group of people stand together

Policymakers and health care leaders will either continue to treat equity as solely a mission mandate or solidify equity as a business imperative. Regardless of the path chosen, there are several no regrets strategies that all organizations can embrace to make a meaningful difference.

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