Get the Full Value from your Advanced Practice Providers

Four components of a scalable model for NPs and PAs

risk-based payment contracts

Medical groups are hiring more Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) than ever, yet few are realizing the full value these providers offer. The average medical group leaves $49 on the table for each primary care visit led by a physician that could be conducted by an APP. Even if that happens just once a day, it quickly adds up to an annual loss of $10,000 per physician.

Fully realizing the financial and productivity gains APPs offer requires deploying and managing these providers at scale. To do this, groups must adopt a group-wide model for APP use instead of leaving these decisions up to individual physicians. Just as a symphony orchestra has four instrumental sections, a scalable APP model has four components. Each component plays a critical role in ensuring the harmonious use of APPs within your medical group.

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