How Pharmacy Leaders Can Help Reduce Employee Health Benefit Costs

Strategies to better manage employee pharmacy benefits

Get a primer on PBM and employer relationships, explore case studies from pharmacy leaders supporting health system pharmacy benefit management, and learn about PBM contract red flags and five features of a transparent PBM contract.

HR and pharmacy collaboration to better manage employee pharmacy benefits

Drug spend is a growing concern for self-insured employers—including health systems. Advisory Board research reveals a significant savings opportunity for self-insured health systems that take an active approach to managing their pharmacy benefit.

Leaders at an increasing number of progressive health systems have discovered that their organizations' in-house pharmacy expertise serves as a valuable asset in holding their PBMs accountable for delivering promised value. Collaboration between HR and pharmacy leaders can also lead to more transparent pharmacy benefit management contracts and other cost savings initiatives.

This research report guides both pharmacy executives and benefits leaders toward a productive partnership and optimized employee prescription drug benefits.

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how pharmacy can help reduce employee benefit costs

How pharmacy can help reduce employee benefit costs

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