Five Must-Have Characteristics of the Consumer-Focused Physician

Partnering with frontline physicians on medical group consumer strategy

The rise of consumerism in health care continues. The increase in consumer financial obligations means that patients are on the hook for more of their health care costs. At the same time, the skyrocketing growth in retail and urgent care clinics is intensifying competition for on-demand care.

In response, medical groups have typically implemented one-off initiatives to meet consumer demands. Often focused on patient access, these tactics are an important first step in the journey to embrace consumerism. But over time, they often fall short and fail to sustain long-term physician engagement in the group’s consumer strategy.

Engaging physicians in consumerism is challenging for one key reason: the large number of competing demands already placed on physicians. The key to successful physician engagement in a medical group consumer strategy is to simplify the number of demands.

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