Hardwiring Accountability at the Front Line

Best Practices for Driving Staff Investment in Organizational Goals

Access a two-part framework and 17 best practices to drive staff investment in key organizational goals.

Executive Summary

Frontline accountability foundational to success

To thrive in the new health care market, leaders must not only dramatically rethink current and future organizational strategy, but also ensure staff across the organization are dedicated to executing that strategy.

However, gaining workforce buy-in one initiative at a time is not sustainable going forward. Leaders no longer have the time or capacity to top-down each new priority.

The solution? Instilling greater frontline accountability. Frontline staff must be invested in the larger organizational effort and be ready to pivot with the organization when course corrections are needed.

A two-part accountability framework

We recommend a two-part approach to building frontline accountability. The first step: fully leverage existing HR structures to drive staff attention and investment in organizational performance. In particular, HR should focus on communication, performance management, and reward structures to enhance frontline staff line-of-sight and incent performance against key goals.

The second step: target social and personal accountability levers by creating positive peer pressure and internal motivation to drive shared responsibility and individual commitment to organizational success.

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Hardwiring Accountability at the Front Line provides five strategies and 17 best practices for implementing the two-part accountability framework.

By reading this study, members will learn how to:

  • Communicate organizational priorities as tangible frontline objectives
  • Formalize staff responsibility for goals in frontline performance management
  • Attach meaningful consequences to goal achievement
  • Foster positive peer pressure on key organizational goals
  • Illustrate the impact of individual staff performance

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