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Two trends make finding and keeping the right staff more difficult for hospitals and health systems than it has been in years:

  1. It’s a candidate’s market. Qualified candidates have their pick of jobs at nearby hospitals and at newer market entrants, like retail clinics.
  2. Early career millennials are engaged but not yet loyal to their organization. Staff engagement tracks closely with loyalty for staff age 35+ with more than three years of tenure. Early career millennials are less likely to plan to stay at their organization (even if they’re currently engaged in their work).

Use this infographic as a quick guide to the best practices that will help your organization attract and retain staff.

Download the Infographic

Looking for more information? Access our research report "Win Talent in a Candidate-Centric Market" for case studies and tools to implement our recruiting best practices. Then check out "Stop Turnover in the First Three Years" to learn more about how to retain millennial staff.

Want full-size, color copies of this infographic for your team? We're happy to print and ship them to you—free of charge. Submit your order today, and we'll mail you the posters to share with your staff.

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