Competing on Consumer Experience

Building brand loyalty through exceptional service, accessibility, and coordination

Get best practices to execute on four key strategies for converting positive initial encounters into durable relationships and repeat business.

compete on consumer experience

A comprehensive consumer experience strategy is a must for today's hospitals and health systems—but focusing on patient satisfaction alone is not enough.

This study explores how to build brand loyalty—the ultimate measure of success—through exceptional service, accessibility, and coordination.

Patient satisfaction is necessary but insufficient

Want to ensure excellence for every patient, every day?

Hospital and health system leaders often prioritize investments that improve patient satisfaction to minimize downside risk. In doing so, however, they miss the larger opportunity to grow by cultivating consumer loyalty.

Loyalty is the ultimate measure of a successful consumer experience strategy. Beyond investing in patient acquisition, successful health systems convert positive initial encounters into durable relationships to secure repeat business.

So, how do we achieve brand loyalty?

We've identified the following four key strategies:

  • Embrace the transparent marketplace. Leaders can't ignore the rise of transparency in health care. Organizations have to actively manage their online reputations and be prepared to have an answer on price.
  • Enable expansive access. Access strategies must address practical consumer needs, and organizations have to be open, available, and convenient.
  • Minimize critical service flashpoints. Avoid the negative interactions that push patients away, prioritize positive encounters over luxury amenities, and don't consider consumer-centric billing and payment practices optional.
  • Build durable relationships. Organizations must differentiate themselves by delivering consistent, exceptional experience and proactively anticipating patients' comprehensive clinical and non-clinical needs.

The remainder of this study shares best practices to execute on each of these strategies.

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