Webconference Recording

9 Ways to Realize Pharmacy's Full Value

Lessons for Providers in Meeting Cost and Growth Ambitions

About the Webconference

For many hospitals and health systems, pharmaceuticals has become one of the fastest growing operating expense categories. And some organizations—especially those investing in specialty pharmacy businesses—are also generating substantial revenue through their pharmacy operations. Pharmacy can be a powerful lever for advancing both cost control and revenue growth ambitions, but few organizations effectively capitalize on either dimension today. Leaders need to develop a more purposeful pharmacy strategy in order to realize pharmacy’s full value.

This presentation provides hospital and health system leaders with a framework for developing a cohesive pharmacy strategy that captures both cost reduction and revenue growth opportunities. It will include case studies and best practices from high-performing pharmacy enterprises that have successfully lowered unit costs, reduced total cost of care, and increased revenue by investing in pharmacy.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How to lower unit cost by optimizing the supply chain and achieving value-oriented prescribing
  • How to use in-house pharmacies and pharmacists to lower drug benefit spend
  • The revenue growth potential of specialty pharmacy