Webconference Recording

Develop a Comprehensive Opioid Response Strategy

A Deep Dive on the Advisory Board and OptumLabs' Opioid Population Profiler

About the Webconference

Opioid-related misuse and abuse have swept across the country flooding hospital and health system emergency departments and inpatient beds. In light of the seriousness of this issue, the Advisory Board has launched a concerted research effort to support health care leaders in confronting this epidemic.

As a part of this work, we have developed, in partnership with OptumLabs (a collaborative research and innovation center), a data-driven framework (including 29 key performance indicators organized into 4 major domains) and customizable analytical tool to guide your strategic priorities for addressing this crisis. This presentation, featuring experts from OptumLabs, offers providers insight into the creation of this comprehensive framework and the selection of the 29 key performance indicators, as well as further information on how to use our new analytical tool to drive strategic prioritization of intervention efforts.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How to think about the status of the opioid crisis in your specific region
  • What key performance metrics you should use to prioritize your opioid-intervention strategy and how they were selected
  • How to compare your market to other regions and the nation

Presenters: Shay Pratt, Gillian Michaelson, Darshak Sanghavi, and Aylin Altan