Webconference Recording

The New Innovation Agenda

Eight Clinical Technologies with the Potential to Transform Health Care Delivery

About the Webconference

There is a large wave of new clinical innovations in the pipeline that are different-in-kind from existing innovations today. This presentation examines how today’s health care market has driven changes to the definition of innovation for hospitals and health systems, and the business challenges of emerging innovations. Next, this presentation identifies the vectors of transformative clinical technologies that are poised to enter the health care market in the next three to five years and evaluates the implications of these technologies on hospitals and health systems.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Evaluate how provider innovation has changed over the past decade, and understand the business challenges of emerging clinical innovations
  • Recognize the underlying themes driving emerging health care innovations
  • Identify emerging health care innovations and determine the implications of these innovations on hospitals and health systems

Presenter: Andrea Martin