The Primary Care Partnership Toolkit

13 tools, templates, and calculators to help partner with GPs and transform the primary care delivery model

High international relevance: All tools and resources in this toolkit apply to hospitals and acute care facilities worldwide.

As health care organisations struggle to keep up with patient demand around the world, many are looking to primary care to help alleviate their current ED pressures. But primary care is overburdened too—general practitioners (GPs) often lack the time and resources to help take on this additional demand.

To solve this, successful organisations form robust, resilient partnerships with primary care entities and work alongside GPs to help transform the primary care delivery model and provide patients with the right care, in the right place, at the right time. But where do you begin? And where should you focus once you partner?

This toolkit offers 13 resources to help you both begin the process of partnering with primary care and embark on care transformation initiatives once your partnership is up and running. It complements our research report The Primary Partnership: Working with GPs to Transform Care.

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