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June 13, 2022

Weekly review: Can you get Covid-19—and never test positive?

Daily Briefing

    The drug that may be "a new era for obesity treatment," the families hit hardest by the baby formula shortage, and more.

    The baby formula shortage is hitting some families especially hard (Monday, June 6)

    As the infant formula shortage continues to worsen, particularly for low-income families, U.S. officials have announced several new shipments of overseas infant formula—but experts estimate there will be "less than six weeks of shortfall" available even with these new supplies.

    'The first time this has happened in the history of cancer' (Tuesday, June 7)

    In a "small but compelling" study published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine, 18 patients with rectal cancer achieved complete remission, marking "the first time this has happened in the history of cancer," Gina Kolata reports for the New York Times.

    'This trial gave me back my life': Inside a transformative weight-loss drug trial (Wednesday, June 8)

    The full results of Eli Lilly's Phase 3 clinical trial for its new experimental weight-loss drug were published in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at the American Diabetes Association's annual meeting on Saturday—and researchers say the results represent "a new era for obesity treatment."

    Can you get Covid-19—and never test positive? (Thursday, June 9)

    After New York Times writer Melinda Wenner Moyer's daughter tested positive for the coronavirus, she assumed the whole family would "finally" get Covid-19. However, no one else in the family tested positive—even after they started experiencing "classic" Covid-19 symptoms.

    Oracle has acquired Cerner—here's its plan for what's next (Friday, June 10)

    After Oracle closed a $28.4 billion deal to purchase the EHR company Cerner, Oracle co-founder, board chair, and chief technology officer Larry Ellison announced what the company intends to do with the acquisition, including developing a national medical record database.

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