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June 13, 2022

Around the nation: Biden considers executive order on abortion rights

Daily Briefing

    President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he will consider signing an executive order on abortion rights if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia and Minnesota.

    • District of Columbia: President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he will consider signing an executive order on abortion rights if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, offering a glimpse into the administration's potential response. "There's some executive orders I could employ, we believe. We're looking at that right now," Biden said during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" While Biden did not elaborate on the specific executive orders he is considering, he encouraged voters to elect Democrats to office this November so they can pass federal legislation codifying Roe v. Wade. "It's clear that if, in fact, the decision comes down the way it does and these states impose the limitations they're talking about, it's going to cause a mini revolution and they're going to vote a lot of these folks out of office," Biden said. (Chalfant, The Hill, 6/9)
    • District of Columbia: Northwell Health president and CEO Michael Dowling, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group executive director Richard Isaacs, Children's Minnesota president and CEO Marc Gorelick, CentraState Healthcare System president and CEO Thomas Scott, and LifeBridge Health president and CEO Neil Meltzer joined hundreds of corporate leaders in urging the Senate to pass gun safety legislation. The letter, sent Thursday by the CEOs for Gun Safety, asks senators to "transcend partisanship" and push legislation to prevent gun violence following a series of mass shootings across the country. "The gun violence epidemic represents a public health crisis that continues to devastate communities—especially Black and brown communities—and harm our national economy. All of this points to a clear need for action: The Senate must take urgent action to pass bold gun safety legislation as soon as possible in order to avoid more death and injury," the CEOs wrote. (Devereaux, Modern Healthcare, 6/9)
    • Minnesota: UnitedHealth Group on Wednesday announced a $100 million investment over a decade to further health equity. According to UnitedHealth executives, the effort, which will be directed to helping build a "racially and ethnically diverse workforce," is the largest commitment ever made by the company's philanthropic organization, the United Health Foundation. "Through philanthropic programs and partnerships, the funding will provide scholarships and support to 10,000 underrepresented future clinicians and upskilling health professionals to help in obtaining academic degrees or other professional credentials for clinical careers in medicine, nursing, midwifery, mental health and other specialties," UnitedHealth said in a statement. (Daily Briefing is published by Advisory Board, a division of Optum, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group.) (Japsen, Forbes, 6/8)

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