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June 3, 2022

Weekend reads: How to overcome FOMO

Daily Briefing

    Vivian Le's reads

    How to prepare for the worst when traveling this summer. The potential lists of traveling pitfalls this summer are high—including the coronavirus, higher prices, and gridlock potentially causing delays and cancellations. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid, or at least prepare, for these worst-case scenarios. Writing for the Washington Post, Christopher Elliott offers tips to making the best of your travel experience, including getting travel insurance and developing contingency plans in case of emergencies.

    How to overcome FOMO. FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a common experience for many people who are concerned about falling behind out new experience, content, trends, or even investments in their lives. In NPR's "Life Kit," Frank Festa and Sylvie Douglis speak to Aarti Fupta, a psychologist at the clinical director at TherapyNest in California, about how to recognize FOMO when you feel it and what you can do to get past it.

    Alyssa Nystrom's reads

    How anticipation can help you enjoy life more. Looking forward to big events can be just as exciting as the events themselves—but most people can't book a flight or plan a big event every time they need to feel more motivated and optimistic. Writing for the New York Times, Holly Burns explains how you can "reap the benefits of looking forward to something, even if it's not a big-ticket reward."

    Why Covid-19 may be more transmissible at the gym. A small study published last month in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences focused on respiration and exercise found that men and women breathed out as many as 76,000 particles per minute during strenuous exercise. Writing for the New York Times, Gretchen Reynolds explains why Covid-19 may spread more easily at indoor gyms, and offers suggestions to help mitigate the risks at your next workout.

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