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January 18, 2022

Weekly review: When will omicron peak? What 2 new models predict.

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    The best health care jobs in 2022, how the omicron surge is hitting even highly vaccinated states, and more.

    When will omicron peak? What 2 new models predict. (Monday, Jan. 10)

    Covid-19 cases are hitting record levels amid omicron's surge, and two new models—one from the Covid-19 Scenario Modeling Hub and one from Jeffrey Shaman, an infectious disease modeler at Columbia University—suggest that cases will continue to climb and likely peak around the end of January.

    What America can learn from 7 countries battling omicron (Tuesday, Jan. 11)

    What could the United States learn about omicron from different countries around the world? The Advisory Board International team takes a deep dive into how seven countries are experiencing omicron—and what each story could mean for the near future in the United States.

    The 'best health care jobs' in 2022, according to U.S. News (Wednesday, Jan. 12)

    U.S. News & World Report has released its annual list of the "Best Health Care Jobs" in 2022, with nurse practitioners topping the list. But with so many people leaving the health care industry amid the "Great Resignation," Advisory Board's Kate Vonderhaar-Johnson and Monica Westhead offer insight into the conflicting reality of labeling certain health care jobs the "best" right now.

    The omicron surge is hitting even highly vaccinated states. (But there's a silver lining.) (Thursday, Jan. 13)

    How will omicron surges fare in the face of different vaccination rates—and how will it compare to the delta surge? Advisory Board's Sebastian Beckmann details why vaccine rates won't stop states from experiencing an omicron surge in hospitalizations, but they could shorten the surge's duration.

    The problem with calling omicron 'mild' (Friday, Jan. 14)

    A new study from Kaiser Permanente Southern California found that omicron infections were tied to significantly lower risks of hospitalization, ICU admission, and death than delta infections—but even so, one expert warned that dismissing omicron as "mild" represents "a very dangerous attitude."

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