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Empathy-Building Simulation Scenarios

    Despite renewed investment in improving the patient experience, many institutions are struggling to achieve and sustain strong performance.

    Patient experience often centers around frontline nurses. When caregivers have a full understanding of the patient experience, they have the knowledge they need to enhance that experience. They can:

    • Better anticipate common sources of patient anxiety and take steps to mitigate them.
    • Understand the importance of treating patients as unique individuals and take steps to treat their patients as not just conditions, but unique individuals with unique care needs and desires.
    • Internalize the need to consistently approach all aspects of care with compassion and sincerity.

    Our Empathy-Building Simulation Scenarios help caregivers better understand the challenges and emotions patients may experience while receiving care on the unit. This tool contains an interview guide, simulation scenarios, and a concluding group discussion to foster reflection.

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