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Caring for America’s seniors

Every day, thousands of people age into the population segment of adults age 65 and up. We’ve made improvements to how we care for this group over the last decade, especially with addressing social determinants of health and improving coverage options. But today’s health care model still isn’t working for seniors, so our researchers have been examining where we are today, where we need to be, how key stakeholders—payers, providers, manufacturers, and service organizations—interact, and how they can innovate and collaborate to ensure that we do not fail America’s seniors. Explore our resources below.


1. Are we failing America’s seniors? What industry executives think.

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We interviewed leaders from across the industry to get their take on how we’re currently doing, what needs to change, and what we should be doing right now.

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2. The senior care landscape

Today’s aging patients are grappling with deteriorating affordability and patient experience. And they are demanding change, which will present both challenges and opportunities for the industry.

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3. Why the next 10 years are critical

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On our Radio Advisory podcast, our researchers discuss how providers’ approach to senior care has changed due to shifting demographics, politics, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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4. The past, present, and future of senior care

Older adults are a larger part of the health care system than ever before, and have unique health needs. We’ve summarized who our seniors are, how they pay for care, who cares for them, and more.

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5. Opportunities and challenges for industry stakeholders

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The senior care ecosystem is complex, and understanding how stakeholders interact is essential to illuminating challenges and opportunities. We’ve simplified the complexity for you.

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6. Seniors want to age in place. Why can't they do that?

Programs that help older adults "age in place" by bringing health care, housing, and other needs right to seniors are popular—but unfortunately not available to most seniors.

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7. Innovators in senior care delivery and financing

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New players have entered the senior care landscape, while established players are working to create scalable solutions. Learn more about innovative players who are helping shape today’s market.

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8. Defining senior care

Use this infographic to learn the terms that stakeholders most often confuse or use differently, as well as terms that are essential to understanding current trends.

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8. Resources coming soon

Our team is working on additional content on caring for our aging population, so bookmark this page and visit us periodically to stay up-to-date with our latest perspectives and research.

What America's seniors want from Medicare Advantage

What do seniors want from Medicare Advantage?

We’ve highlighted three insights health plans must be aware of when designing their Medicare Advantage benefit packages.

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9 Insights on how seniors shop for Medicare Advantage

We surveyed nearly 1400 seniors to determine what drives them to select a particular plan and what keeps them satisfied and loyal.

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Achieving sustainable growth in Medicare Advantage

How health plans should approach product design, sales structure, and operations to compete in the highly competitive MA market.

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