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Executive Insights Summer 2021

Every day, Advisory Board researchers comb through the latest health care news, study policy proposals, and convene with industry experts and executives to identify thought-provoking, unconventional solutions to health care's greatest challenges. Our new quarterly digest, Executive Insights, is the culmination of their efforts.

Read the research, insights, and opinion pieces below—or members can download a PDF of the magazine—to see our takes on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the latest analysis of the Biden administration's health policy, new developments in digital health, and strategies for adapting to the changing health care workforce.


Letter from the editor

For the past 18 months, most health care leaders have been frantically looking at the here and now: How do we make it past today, this week, this month? But over the past month or so, that mindset seems to have changed. For the first time in a year and a half, leaders are starting to think about the future. How has the pandemic changed the industry for good? What unexpected shifts will manifest? And most important: How has the balance of power changed? It reminds me of the famous photograph of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at Yalta, negotiating the parameters of the postwar order, each world leader eyeing each other nervously, victorious but not at all certain that the world they’re creating will be any better or more secure than the pre-war era.

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that we’re standing on a similar precipice. Consumer expectations on how they should receive care are now forever tilted in favor of safer, faster, more-convenient options. Physicians have an unprecedented number of suitors looking to them to solve the problems of cost, quality, and access. Health care leaders have come to realize that the challenge of health equity is their mandate to solve. And as we all know, digital health took a giant leap forward in the past year.

In this issue, we turn our gaze to the future. Rachel Woods walks us through the CEO’s playbook for addressing health equity from the top down in any given organization. Nick Cericola and Rishi Sachdev take a look at the huge demographic shifts the United States can expect over the next decade and highlight some unexpected consequences of the massive wealth transfer that is all but inevitable. And Yulan Egan walks us through our top conclusions from this year’s Advisory Board State of the Union. Hopefully you’ll be able to join one of our virtual presentations of that material this summer.

Christopher KernsChristopher Kerns
Executive Editor and Vice President


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