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Safe Haven Cafés

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    Key Takeaways
    • Safe Haven Cafés are alternatives to the emergency department (ED) for patients experiencing behavioral or mental health needs. Safe Haven Cafés are safe, calm outpatient spaces located on or near a hospital campus. Patients can relax in these spaces, receive support from mental health clinicians and peer support workers, learn self-management skills, and access follow-up resources. 
    • The specifics of each Safe Haven Café—including range of services, number and skill mix of staff, hours of operation, and referral pathways—differ across locations to best suit patient needs and staff capacity.
    • Safe Haven Cafés can improve patient experience, improve outcomes, and reduce mental health-related ED presentations—which can lead to cost savings for providers. 
    • Key hurdles to creating Safe Haven Cafés are capital and operational costs, particularly in contexts where government funding for the program is unavailable. Staff supply can be another hurdle.  

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