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Locking in crisis-driven innovation


    Nothing ignites the spirit of innovation and improvement more than having no other choice. The pandemic—hitting different jurisdictions with different force—compelled most health systems to quickly and dramatically change workforce deployments, pathways, communication channels, and partnerships (to name a few). This rapid and unified effort made years-long plans possible in days. Most have improvements they want to share—all likely have innovations they need to keep. To help lock in those innovations from the pandemic, we created this audit tool so that you can uncover and keep all of the great improvements your teams made.

    How to use this guide:

    This audit guide builds from the most common innovations we’ve heard from over a hundred interviews. We group potential innovations in key areas and list the most common examples.

    This tool is designed to speed up your search for the improvements you and your teams have made—ensuring you capture them while the window for change is still open and the ability to lock them in is strongest.

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