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Primary Care Models for Geriatric Patients

    models for geriatric primary care

    As the geriatric population expands, health systems must adapt to manage the needs of this patient population. These patients are not simply older adults. They require specialized clinical care due to their unique health status and vulnerability. For providers with value-based reimbursement, "geriatricizing" primary care is an opportunity to help manage complex care needs and increase access to care for the elderly population.

    However, with a shortage of geriatricians in the U.S. and its projected worsening, progressive health systems are adding support for community PCPs to treat and manage older adults as a long-term goal. By providing tools, education, and consult services for community PCPs, health system leaders can help upskill PCPs and disseminate geriatrics expertise across communities.

    This market scan reviews four models for fixed or mobile primary care, including geriatrics clinics, providing primary care in assisted living facilities, forming house call programs, and an overview of strategies to geriatricize existing primary care practices.

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