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Infusion site-of-care survey results

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    Outpatient infusion care is changing. Payer policies are increasingly impacting where patients can receive provider-administered medications and how providers are reimbursed for these medications. These policies threaten health system infusion revenues and raise questions about the health system’s role in providing infusion care. In May 2020, the Pharmacy Executive Forum surveyed health system pharmacy leaders to better understand national trends in infusion care.

    View results to answer questions such as:

    • How common are payer requirements for specialty pharmacy sourcing ("white-bagging") and site-of-care restrictions?
    • How do requirements differ by therapeutic area across oncology and non-oncology infusions?
    • How common are health-system-owned home- and community-based infusion services?
    • What role are pharmacy leaders playing in overseeing infusion services and responding to payer infusion requirements?

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