Amplifying the patient voice in oncology through ePROs

April 27, 2021

Virtual | 1:00–2:30 p.m. EST

    Session Overview

    Patient centricity has been a longstanding aspiration for many healthcare organizations. But the push to understand patient-defined value, to enable shared decision-making, and to prepare for new regulatory requirements is creating more urgency today than ever before. While CMMI’s new Oncology Care First Model will require providers to capture ePROs, specific guidance for how ePROs should inform treatment decisions is sparse. At the same time, growth of digital technologies like wearables, remote monitoring, and EHR-based tools are creating new ways of capturing patient-focused data in real time.

    So, how can providers meaningfully capture the patient voice through ePROs? How should PRO data inform treatment decisions and value analysis? What role should stakeholders across the health care ecosystem play in advancing the use of PROs?

    This virtual workshop is designed to foster a cross-industry dialogue about shared goals and challenges surrounding the use of ePROs in cancer care. The event will convene leaders from across the health care ecosystem—providers, payers, technology companies, life science firms, and other stakeholders—in an effort to break down industry barriers and foster collaboration.

    By participating in this virtual workshop, you will:

    • Engage in an interactive discussion with progressive leaders who are innovating in the PRO space
    • Explore the root cause issues preventing health care stakeholders from capturing and utilizing the patient voice in oncology
    • Identify shared goals and opportunities among payers, providers, and other industry stakeholders in utilizing ePROs

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