Equity Impact Assessment (EIA) Template

    About the EIA Template

    This equity impact assessment (EIA) is a tool that can be used to identify unintended potential impacts (positive or negative) of a policy, program, or initiative on systemically marginalized groups. Use this tool to inform decisions to create more equitable solutions for patient and/or employee populations.

    An EIA is a valuable tool to bring attention to groups that are typically overlooked in decision-making. However, an EIA is not a stand-alone tool and is not a substitute for meaningful input from marginalized communities.

    This tool and the accompanying user guide were developed primarily based on the Ontario Ministry of Health's Health Equity Impact Assessment and the RaceForward Racial Equity Impact Assessment.

    Supporting resources: Use the Equity Impact Assessment User Guide to help you complete this template and refer to the Equity Impact Assessment Cheat Sheet for more information on why and how to use EIAs.

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