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How Covid-19 will impact the supply chain

    Covid-19 has revealed critical shortcomings in the health care supply chain. Shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and other vital supplies have hindered the U.S. health care system‘s response to this crisis, and additional waves of shortages are likely in coming months.

    This crisis has exposed an acute need for leaders across the health care supply chain—from manufacturers to distributors to provider organizations (purchasers)—to re-evaluate legacy strategies that have prioritized efficiency over resiliency. For a more sustainable, reliable supply chain to emerge, all parties must seek opportunities to increase transparency, enhance flexibility, and facilitate greater collaboration.

    Read our take to learn how Covid-19 will impact the supply chain and three requirements that will enable a resilient, transparent supply chain. For additional Advisory Board takes on the long-term implications of Covid-19, click here.

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