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The future of primary care

    The Future of Primary Care

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    Expectations about what primary care can be have never been higher, but many providers are struggling to meet these expectations. This research report explains the factors changing the future of primary care and offers three strategies for executives aiming to meet—or exceed—their market's demands.

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    Growing physician and consumer discontent with primary care are inviting new competitors into the market. Players like ChenMed, One Medical, and Iora Health—among countless others—have developed different-in-kind models that appeal more directly to both patients and physicians.

    While growing competition has pressured incumbents to strive for incremental improvements in access and experience, it is the more recent focus of both public and private payers on primary care that is poised to drive large-scale transformation. The federal and state governments, along with private payers and employers, are betting on primary care as the critical lever to controlling health care spending writ large.

    But while expectations about the potential of primary care have perhaps never been higher, many markets are struggling with shortfalls of primary care physician supply, creating a tension between the market’s demands on primary care and the industry’s ability to deliver against those demands.

    This report examines the key drivers of primary care transformation and three strategies for evolving the primary care landscape to meet stakeholder demands while also ensuring sufficient supply.

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