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The Future of Neurodegenerative Care

    The neurodegenerative disorder (NDD) care landscape is on the precipice of immense change.

    The prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders is rising as the U.S. population ages, but the health care industry’s growing understanding of these diseases is leading to digital and clinical innovations that will transform NDD diagnosis, treatment, and care management. The industry today is not where it will be in 10 years. To help you prepare for the NDD care landscape of 2030, we present eight predictions you can use to guide your future strategy for this market.

    For each prediction, we offer evidence and innovations that lead us to believe in such a future, key unknowns that could steer the industry to different end points, and ripple effects that could bring rise to wholly new challenges and priorities across and beyond the NDD landscape. Use these predictions, examples, unknowns, and ripple effects to initiate and inform conversations internally and with partners across the health care ecosystem about the future of NDD care.

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