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Your blueprint for corporate strategy

    Executing intentional corporate strategy is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Whether you are beginning to consider your options or working on integration, the Health Care Advisory Board has the resources to help both buyers and sellers develop an intentional and intelligent corporate strategy, proactively source suitable acquisition targets or buyers, and successfully integrate newly acquired entities.

    Start Here

    The most successful M&A deals are focused on delivering a better product to patients and purchasers, rather than insulating the system from competition. Our research briefing, M&A—To What End?, reviews five characteristics of intentional corporate strategy.


    Then, get detailed advice, case studies, and more on how to achieve each characteristic with the resources below.

    Resources for Each Characteristic

    The Executive Strategy Workout

    Characteristic 1: Clarity of purpose
    Sharpen your strategic plan with one-on-one executive consultations, facilitated management team exercises to pressure test critical success factors, and customized guidance and tools to support execution.

    Building a Best-in-Class Hospital M&A Function

    Characteristic 2: Professionally managed pipeline
    Prevent negative outcomes and increase the value of each deal with a well-organized M&A function that has an accountable leadership structure, a disciplined deal-making process, and a system for continuous improvement.

    Adaptive Strategies for Community Hospital CEOs

    Characteristic 3: Transactional discipline
    Independence is possible, but isolationism is not. Learn why community hospitals must start considering partnerships or affiliations—and how to select the right model that's aligned to your organization's goals.

    Not a community hospital? You can still use our Partnerships and Affiliations Diagnostic.

    Coming soon: Key Determinants of Cultural Affinity Checklist

    Characteristic 4: Scientific approach to cultural fit
    Find out if your potential partner is a "true fit" before you commit. Measure cultural affinities and differences with our interview guides, key stakeholder mapping, and crosswalks.

    Best-in-Class Integration of Newly Acquired Entities

    Characteristic 5: Integration as core competency
    Most agree that integration is the largest determining factor for a successful merger. Learn how to craft a strategy that starts long before a deal closes and extends through the first 12-24 months post-acquisition.

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