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Value-based care should be more than a buzzword by now

The public sector is progressing slowly but steadily towards risk, but the future of commercial risk remains unclear. What happens in the commercial space will determine whether the industry remains in a hybrid state or realigns around a new cost and quality standard.

Productive plan-provider partnerships and a data-driven approach to tackling risk opportunities will be foundational to progress. Explore our research below to find out what defines successful partnerships and where we’ve discovered addressable opportunity through commercial claims analysis.

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It takes at least 3 to 5 years to succeed in commercial risk partnerships. Here’s why.

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What claims data reveals about the top opportunities in commercial value-based care

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Chemotherapy in commercial VBC: 5 opportunities (and 1 area to avoid)

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Strategies for building productive plan-provider partnerships

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Deep dive: 5 partnership models in commercial risk

Learn about strategic payer-provider partnerships being applied to commercial populations—and why they may be the right or wrong path for your organization.

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Comparison chart: 5 partnership models in commercial risk

Compare key elements between five payer-provider partnership models in commercial risk.


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Successful partnerships take time—here's why

Most commercial risk partnerships need 3-5 years before they produce results. Learn about why partnerships take time to mature, and what you should do to stay on track.

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Blog Post
Why change leadership is important to VBC

Value-based care partners need to conquer ingrained beliefs and embrace change to succeed. Our organizational transformation experts have tips for overcoming common challenges.

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How Cigna cut their quality measures from 101 to 17

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Takeaways from our analysis of commercial claims

Where the top opportunities are

Our analysis of a national database of commercial claims illuminated where opportunities to improve cost and quality outcomes for the privately insured exist—and where we might see increased costs.

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Pregnancy care opportunities

Maternal health outcomes in the United States lag those of other industrialized nations despite significant spending. Find out where you should focus, your efforts to improve quality while reducing costs.

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Chemotherapy opportunities

Spending on chemotherapy is high and continues to grow. It’s a difficult area to tackle—especially across patients, employers, plans, and providers—but there are areas you can prioritize today.

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Win physician buy-in for value-based care

Four principles to successfully engage your frontline clinicians in VBC

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How health plans can support providers in risk

Three ways that plans can get providers more comfortable with risk

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Population health cheat sheet library

Cheat sheets to get you smart on population health basics in 5 minutes or less

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How to scale chronic disease management programs

Three steps for developing a scalable and effective program

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How to improve your risk performance

Insights on what makes ACOs successful, based on analysis of MSSP data

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Refining your approach to risk stratification

Three ways to find the high and rising risk patients who are also actionable

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