The Planner’s Introduction to ECMO Investment

Primer on ECMO Trends and Program Development

Download this primer to learn about growth drivers, market trends, and program development considerations for ECMO, a supportive treatment for cardiopulmonary failure patients.

Changes to the coding guidelines for 2019 have ECMO programs scrambling to react to dramatic reductions in reimbursement. Read how your program might be impacted in our blog post, ECMO MS-DRG assignment is changing - what does this mean for your program?

Recent uptick in ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) adoption nation-wide has increased provider interest in building ECMO programs. But ECMO may not be the right investment for every hospital due to its high start-up costs and complex, resource-intensive patient population.

Read our primer to learn about why ECMO utilization is growing and understand the investments in infrastructure; staff and care coordination; and program governance and referral strategy necessary to program success.

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