Telehealth Primer: Pregnancy Care


By Anna Yakovenko and Emily Johnson

Telehealth has great potential to enhance pregnancy care for women with both high-risk and low-risk pregnancies. By offering pregnant women new and more convenient ways to connect with OB providers, telehealth can increase patient access to specialty care, improve birth outcomes, and enhance patient experience.

How is telehealth being used in pregnancy care?

All three major telehealth modalities – live virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, and asynchronous store-and-forward communication – have a potential role in pregnancy care. Virtual visits can be used to replace routine pregnancy check-ups or facilitate consults with maternal-fetal medicine specialists. Remote patient monitoring and asynchronous messaging allow providers to monitor patients more closely in between office visits and foster stronger patient-provider relationships throughout the course of a pregnancy.

Read the primer to learn more about how pregnancy care providers are implementing these tools in their practice, as well as the trends that are driving adoption of these services and the business case for offering them.

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