Advancing a Shared Definition for Inpatient Palliative Care

The primer to set parameters and target the right patients for your program's palliative care services

Hospitals and health systems have traditionally offered inpatient palliative care services, but some providers have seen growth they don't have the capacity to meet. Unmet demand makes it difficult to maintain provider engagement in referring eligible patients who can benefit from supportive services.

To maximize the effectiveness of hospital-based palliative care programs, providers must define scoped parameters for patient eligibility and service offerings. Determining the best definition for your organization starts with setting clear goals for palliative care, whether the program focuses on symptom management, advanced illness management, or bridging patients nearing end-of-life to hospice care.

This primer examines how four health systems advanced a shared definition for inpatient palliative care and how your organization can set the right parameters for your program's goals.

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