4 key strategies to mitigate physician burnout

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For many physicians, the growing list of mandates and unrelenting pace of change in today's health care world is too much to bear. As a result of feeling burned out, physicians are more likely to be apathetic to work, indifferent to patients, and at risk for mental health issues.

But it goes beyond that, affecting patient care and the health care business itself. Physician burnout links to a 16% decrease in patient satisfaction, an 11% increase in reported medical errors, increased turnover, and early retirement. Act now to prevent further damage to your business, physicians, and patients.

We've identified these four strategies for leaders to mitigate the main drivers of physician burnout:

  • Start with a physician listening campaign
  • Aim for balanced feedback and recognition
  • Give physicians an active role in decision making
  • Break the silence with emotional support

Check out the infographic to learn more.

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